StructForm is a rigid polyurethane foam with density from 400 to 700 kg / m3 which features a typical sandwich structure with a compact skin and a low density core. StructForm is a mixture of two-components polyurethane resins advanced tested by us which allows the moulding of ecological items of different size, structure, strength and compactness. The polyurethane moulding has a highly competitive cost compared to plastic and derivatives, accordingly allows a continuous evolution of the modeling, even for short runs. Commonly used in various industries, such as: Bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, design complements, naval industry, dental furniture , hospital furniture, contract, aesthetics equipment, gaming equipment.



StructForm thanks to its mechanical properties of hardness and is considered one of the most versatile plastics for recycling
– High resistance to mechanical stress.
– Chemically inert to many organic and inorganic substances.
– Paintable surface with remarkable durability.
– Moisture resistant.
– Thermal shock resistant.
– Sound insulation properties
– Thermal and electrical insulation properties
– Lightness of the product.

– Freedom to create complex shapes, also with undercut elements.
– Unlimited range of solutions for the aesthetic finish of the object.
– Low costs for the realization of designs, prototypes and moulds.
– The realization of complex components with varying thicknesses, also creating large particulars.
– Short forming.
– Possibility to have self-extinguishing class V-0 products.
– Possibility of embedding inserts inside the product during moulding.
– High durability and lightness.
– Reproducibility in series with consistent quality over time.




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