The polyurethane concept becomes art

Novaera Srl is a Company known for the availability, for the professional and top quality service offered to its customers.

Novaera, rewarded by its constancy and stimulated by the demands of its customers,

is equipped with the latest technology and develops new materials every year.


Among the foundations of modern design there in need of functionality, elegance, robustness, as well as cost-effectiveness and reproducibility in series. EcoWood, StructForm and ResinWood are moulded materials that perfectly fit with the need of innovation that every designer pursues.


The moulding of the polyurethane foam is a sector with high technological content with machines working at high pressure and aluminum moulds (StructForm), or with machines that operate at low pressure and resin moulds (EcoWood).


Of fundamental importance is the realization of moulded parts of impeccable quality for aesthetic, technical and functional characteristics. Total attention in the creation and preservation of moulds.


From the design, to the creation of the mould up to series production, Novaera constantly guarantees full cooperation in order to transform an idea into a product that can perfectly meet the needs of the end user.