Novaera Srl is a Company known for the availability, for the professional and top quality service offered to its customers. Novaera, rewarded by its constancy and stimulated by the demands of its customers, is equipped with the latest technology and develops new materials every year. Today Novaera is able to meet the needs of the more expert designers, realizing faithfully the project required.
Fundamental for the company are constant research, the use of materials of the highest quality, attention to every stage of production, flexibility, constancy of supply.


Novaera Srl was founded in the early 80s as a supplier of furniture painting for the largest manufacturers of polyurethane foam and then became a producer itself. It is then absorbed the company Maccan Srl, historical company in the moulding field, and its know-how, which has contributed to improve the sales network. The technological spirit of the company is evident through continued investments, one among all the purchase of a machinery, which is able to transfer any type of finish (wood, marble, leather, carbon fiber, camouflage ) on elements of any shape and material desired. Thus was born the brand NewPrint.


Novaera Srl works with the principle of maximum cooperation to achieve the common goal which is the total satisfaction of every designer, architect, designer and partner.