EcoWood is a rigid polyurethane foam with density from 200 to 400 Kg / m3 characterized by the typical sandwich structure with a compact skin and a low density core. EcoWood is a two-component mixture formulated to offer a viable alternative to wood in the production of ornamental and aesthetic elements in the furniture industry. It is mainly used to make decorative items such as ornaments, headboards, footboards, mirrors, sockets, pillars, cymatium, drawer fronts.



EcoWood, due to its technical characteristics, is considered one of the most versatile materials, environmentally friendly, alternative to wood:
– High resistance to mechanical stress.
– Chemically inert to many organic and inorganic substances.
– Paintable surface with remarkable durability.
– Moisture resistant.
– Resistant to high and low temperatures.
– Lightness of the product.

– Freedom to create complex shapes, also with solutions undercut and with varying thicknesses.
– Unlimited range of solutions for the aesthetic finish of the object.
– Low costs for the realization of designs, prototypes and moulds.
– Suites the most complex profiles in variable thicknesses, even for large dimensions.
– Quick time for forming process.
– Possibility of embedding items inside the product during moulding.
– High durability and lightness.
– Mass-production while maintaining consistent quality.




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