ResinWood is a rigid agglomerate with a density from 900 to 1200 Kg / m3 made from a mixture of polyester resins, catalysts, solvents and wood flour. ResinWood is a composite material which allows the moulding of fascinating carved stylistic forms, reproducing elements such as friezes, capitals, cornices, columns, and dresser.



ResinWood due to its technical properties is considered one of the most valid alternative materials to carved wood:
– High resistance to mechanical stress.
– Chemically inert to many organic and inorganic substances.
– Paintable surface and coverable in gold and silver leaf.
– Moisture resistant.
– Thermal shock resistant.

– Freedom to create complex shapes, also with undercut elements, and with varying thicknesses.
– Unlimited range of solutions for the aesthetic finish of the object.
– Low costs for the realization of designs, prototypes and moulds.
– Reduced timing of forming compared to manual processing of wood.
– Possibility of embedding inserts inside the product during moulding.
– High durability.
– Possibility of bending after the moulding process.
– Reproducibility in series with consistent quality over time.




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