NewPrint is a new technology: the ideal solution for companies which, through the decoration and printing surfaces process, want to customize their products. NewPrint technology can apply decorative textures to any product made of polyurethane, plastic, metal and wood. It is the ideal solution for all those designers who want to decorate objects, even large, on each side while maintaining their design and geometry. The strength of this highly innovative technology is the possibility to use it on objects of any shape, even particularly complex concave forms.



NewPrint is the world’s leading technology for printing products that are large, difficult to wrap, or cannot be printed consistently by conventional decorating techniques.

– Possibility to use several films already in the market (wood, marble, camouflage, technical fibers, skins).
– Ability to create films exclusively for the customer.
– Possibility to decorate particular of any shape.
– Possibility to decorate parts up to 2700×1000 mm seamless.




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